Valle del Maiz’s Holy Cross Festival Explodes

valle de maiz dancingValle Del Maiz is one of San Miguel’s oldest neighborhoods and has strong indigenous roots. The festival honors the Holy Cross (Santa Cruz), and goes on for days reflecting when the Spanish gave three days off work to resident Otomis and Chichimeccas. It’s one my personal favorites of all the Catholic events in San Miguel de Allende.

There are battle reenactments of indigenous versus Spaniards. Young men (some dressed as women) climb a greased pole to retrieve prizes and gifts, while stages display a wide assortment of music and dancing and larger than life-size puppets perform amidst the excitement of several processions.

Friday night residents prepare xuchiles, large offerings made from cactus to present in front of the chapel for the daybreak (alborada) festival of food, music and fireworks on Saturday morning.

Valle De Maiz’s festival of the Holy Cross terminates a month long celebration throughout town. valledemaizThe Holy Cross represents when the local population accepted the Catholic faith.