Exploring San Miguel On-Line

Frequently on tours my guests quiz me on the best options to learn about what is going on today’s SMA.  Since I specialize in history behind why we do what we do in today’s SMA, I understand that among a myriad of options, finding out what is going on culturally in today’s San Miguel is a challenge for even the most seasoned traveler.

visis smaNaturally there are the perennial favorites, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Pinterest, FaceBook, YouTube and Amazon.   Tourists live by these sites on their cell phones for hotels, restaurants, tours, books, and alike.  If you want more local flavor you’ve three main opportunities and a handful of subsidiary options to help you plan your visit depending on your needs.

For an easy to read weekly email of cultural events sign up for Dr. David’s events email that comes out every Friday.  Here is a user friendly way to read about major events.  In addition he offers the monthly SMA magazine, Lokkal (loccal.org), with in depth articles on local art, culture, history and trends plus a daily calendar of events.

Another day by day listing of events is Ron Lennox’ s DiscoverSMA.com.  His email comes out every Thursday.

chichimecca2Want hard news with your cultural events?  Go to Alejandro Azcarate Varela’s SanMiguelTimes.com.  Long successful with his Yucatan Times the San Miguel Times’ focus is hard news alongside current cultural events and lifestyle trends.

Once upon a time the English language newspaper, Atencion, ruled local media.  But in today’s world of on-line options the paper-based paper is largely advertisements both in terms of actual ads and articles.  It is best read on-line where the ads aren’t as overwhelming but isn’t needed for your vacation planning as only library events, or advertisers’, are featured.

Over ten years ago the paper’s supplement, Que Pasa, or What Is Going On, was the go to source for cultural events.  It then switched to only feature events by advertisers and so frequently got the dates and times wrong it was rendered useless and even states the publication has no responsibility to get dates or times correct.  Events SMA, Discover SMA and SMA Times all have much more correct and detailed information.

You may hear about the Civil List.  The Civil List is an email that comes out multiple times daily on various topics.  Started over the decade ago by Susan Pitlock to help locals find goods and services, the emails have since become a forum for occasional angry blasts of hatred and libel among the over 10,000 readers.  Susan, living in the US, generously volunteers 40 hours a week to help older foreigners not interested in learning tweets, snaps, pins or posts but  wanting to learn where to find Jif Peanut Butter or an English speaking gynecologist.  In planning your vacation full of cultural events, the Civil List emails are very time consuming to filter through but priceless if you do need said gynecologist, or peanut butter.

Before coming to SMA subscribe to Events SMA, Discover SMA and the SMA Times and you’ll have your bases covered to experience the best San Miguel de Allende offers.  Or venture over to FaceBook’s History and Culture Walking Tours page for light hearted snippets and articles on what is going on that day in SMA.  No matter how you explore SMA online before your arrival you’re guaranteed to enjoy exploring in person even more!