First of Every Month – Providing for the Month Ahead

first of every monthOn the first of every month churches in San Miguel experience a spike in attendance as people enter the church to pray for the month ahead.  Churches contain a box labeled food, shelter and clothing with separate holes for offerings.  Normally located on the side of the church, or beside the altar itself, the box sits below a religious image dependent upon the church.  The image is lit by a multitude of candles on the first of the month as money is placed in the corresponding slots to ensure a month of food, clothing and shelter.

The prayer often recited is:

“Thank God for life, love, peace and livelihood, you give me all this, for being who you are, I thank you and trust you. Your Divine Providence extends to every moment of my life, so I never lack, shelter, clothing, love, peace, health, food, a true love for you, and your divine sacraments in my last moment.”