Infant Couture

The Mesoamerican Wind God was believed to snatch away babies and is why SMA babies appear dressed for the winter tundra even on the hottest days.  Until the baby is old enough to literally whip off the extra clothing and thrust themselves away from being carried their feet rarely touch the ground.  Hence why a crying baby is an oddity and immediately suspect.  It’s not like they could have tumbled or not be bounced into a pleasant, if sleepy, submission.

mexican babyOnce a child is able to insist they toddle about on their own the Wind God’s influence is seriously diminished.  Though to remind little people of their eventually position in adult society all toddlers are dressed like miniature adults including belts, tights and well coiffed hair for both genders.

By SMA standards, I was a lazy single parent as my babies were like Donald Duck and rarely ever got out of bare feet and a shirt while waddling around on the floor!