The best rated History and Culture Walking Tours with Joseph Toone are offered every Thursday and Friday morning at 9AM starting in front of the Oratorio church.  Private tours can be arranged for other days and times.

While visiting local churches we share stories about the history, art, virgins and saints that have an impact on today’s SMA with special emphasis placed on festivals occurring during your visit.

For more information, including reviews, visit History and Culture Walking Tours.  Or use the Contact page to receive more details.

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Also I provide workshops.  Samples include….

Identifying SMA’s Virgins

Images of Mary, mother of Jesus, are all over San Miguel each representing different qualities of the Virgin and her roles in daily life here.  Students will recognize and enjoy all these various images in a highly interactive hour-long workshop.

Recognizing the Saints Special to SMA

In San Miguel’s Catholic culture the saints are intimate friends in ordinary life, not antique figures from a distant past.  Students will recognize and enjoy the saints and their present day impact on SMA culture and faith in a highly interactive hour-long workshop.

Proceeds benefit local children’s libraries and art classes.