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1 – First of Every Month, Providing for the Month Ahead
1 – Lord of the Afflicted Pilgrims Dance Into Town
First Two Weeks – Ecce Homo Brings the Harvest
6 – Three Kings’ Day, Presents for the Kids
6 – Cowboy Pilgrims Leave Town
17 – St. Anthony’s Blessing of the Pets
24 – Pilgrim Youth Crowd into Town
24 – San Juan de Lagos Pilgrimage Passes Through


2 – Candelaria,  Baby Jesus Brings Spring
3 – St. Blaise, Protection Against Colds and Flus
14 – St. Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s Friendship

March – April

First Friday in March– Lord of the Conquistador’s Native Dancing
March 8 – San Juan de Dios Caring for the Indigenous Ill
March 17 – St. Patrick, Celts Fighting for Mexico
March 19 – St. Joseph, The Most Powerful Saint

Days Before Lent Starts – Mexican Mardi Gras
Two Sundays Before Easter – Lord of the Column’s Moving Daybreak Procession
Tuesday Before Holy Week – Day of the Divine Prisoner
Friday Before Good Friday – Our Lady of Sorrows’ Yummy Tear Stained Popsicles
Palm Sunday – Jesus Enters Town
Holy Week – Stations of the Cross Built Into San Miguel
Wednesday of Holy Week – Vespers of Darkness
Holy Thursday – Visiting Seven Churches
Good Friday – Jesus sees Mary One Last Time
Holy Saturday – Our Lady of Solitude, A Quiet Virgin for a Quiet Day
Easter Sunday – Piñata Madness
Sunday After Easter – Divine Mercy, All is Possible Today


Month long – Festival of the Holy Cross, Chichimecas and the Cross
1 – St. Joseph the Worker (see March 19)
3 – Construction Crosses Feed the Workers
15 – San Isidore the Farmer, Patron of the Campos
17 – San Pascal Baylon – The Dancer in the Kitchen
Third Sunday – Infant of Prague, The Impact of a Czech Baby Jesus
Late May – Valle de Maiz’s Holy Cross Festival Explodes
26 – San Felipe de Neri , Patron of Laughter, Humor and Joy


2- St. Blandina’s Barbie and Sleepy Beanie Baby Lions
Early June (50 days after Easter) – Our Lady of the Light Shines Bright
Friday in Early June (19 days after Pentecost) – Sacred Heart for Men Named Jesus
Thursday of June – Corpus Christi, More Than a Town in Texas
Thursday of June – Mules’ Day, Silly Asses
8 Days After Corpus Christi – Octave of Christ, College Altars
Sunday Closet to the 13th – Dia de Locos, The Craziest Parade Ever!
24 – John the Baptist’s Hair Raising Tale


11 – The Monastery of Solitude
16 – Carmelite Scapulars’ Special Help
Mid July - Feast of Jesus of Nazareth de Atotonilco
25 – St. James’ Battle Cry
26 – Mary’s Parents
29 – St. Martha with the Dragon, Pirates, Voodoo and Love
31 – Ignatius of Loyola. Jesuits Educating the Indigenous


2- Our Lady of the Angels
8 – St. Dominic’s Fearless Teachers
15 – Assumption of Mary Into Heaven, The Three Faces of Mary
17 – Our Lady of Three Hail Marys
17 – St. Beatrice, Cloistered in SMA
20 – St. Stephen’s Cross, Atop San Miguel
27 – St. Monica, The Power of Mothers Over Sons
Late August – Blessing of the Fire Trucks and Ambulances


1 – Mary the Mascot
8 – Baby Mary’s Birthday Party
8 – Our Lady of Laredo Flies into Town
16 – Independence Day’s Freedom from Tithing
29 – St. Michael the Archangel’s Jardin War


Early October – Blessing of the Taxis
4 – St. Francis, Crèche Originator
7 – Our Lady of the Rosary
15 – St. Teresa of Avila, Dominant Figure in Mexican Catholicism
Mid October – Our Lady of Good Health
28 – St. Jude, Patron of Lost Causes and the Impossible
31 – Halloween, Celtic Celebrations Inch into SMA


1 and 2- All Souls’ and Saints’, Respecting the Deceased
3 – St. Martin de Porres, Patron of Mexico and Mulattos
11 – St. Martin, Mexico’s Cowboy Saint
21 – Presentation of Mary at the Temple, It’s Good to be 3!
22 – St. Cecilia’s Music Thrives
23 – Early Celtic Saint Rests in the Oratorio
28 – Saint Catherine Labouré’s Miraculous Medal


Month-long –The  Devil in Guanajuato’s Nativities
8 – Immaculate Conception, Celebrating Mary’s Beginnings
9 – St. Juan Diego, Patron of the Indigenous
12 – The Virgin of Guadalupe’s Birth of a Nation
16-24 Las Posados, Mary and Joseph Arrive in Town
25 – Colonial Era Christmas
28 – Day of the Innocents, Joke’s on You